Three MSNE-Student Papers accepted at CBS2019


Three papers accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems ( taking place in Munich from September 18-20:

A prototype of a P300 based brain-robot interface to enable multi-modal interaction for patients with limited mobility. Jonas F. Braun, Germán Díez Valencia, Stefan K. Ehrlich, Pablo Lanillos, Gordon Cheng

Tactile Hallucinations on Artificial Skin Induced by Homeostasis in a Deep Boltzmann Machine. Michael Deistler, Yagmur Yener, Florian Bergner, Pablo Lanillos, Gordon Cheng arxiv:

A comparative study on adaptive subject-independent classification models for zero-calibration error-potential decoding. Florian M. Schönleitner, Lukas Otter, Stefan K. Ehrlich, Gordon Cheng


Update Sept. 26th 2019: -> Further information and event pictures