Welcome new MSNE Students!


MSNE Students Get-together on Friday 20th 2017 (picture credits: Auguste Schulz)

The MSNE program has started in its second year. On October 16th 2017, the new students attended at the official MSNE Welcome Event with a keynote by MSNE-Director Prof. Gordon Cheng, an introduction in the program and a joined lunch. In the evening, many attended at the TUM Frehmen Receiption by TUM's President.
Furthermore, many MSNE students have organized a get-together evening event. More than 20 students of WS16/17 and WS17/18 classes met the first time, exchanging first-week-in-Munich experiences and discussing good strategies to be sucessfull in the program. This more informal event started at TUM and was continued at a lovely nearby restaurant.

The interlinkage of all ~35 MSNE students will be intensified further by a student-organized retreat, expected to take place in Jan 2018.