Meet with MSNE - Master's Day at TUM (Mar 8th 2019)

MSNE will participate at TUM Master's Day, a good option for MSNE (prospective) applicants to get in touch with MSNE program representatives: [more]


Apllication period for Wintersemester 2019/2020

Applications will be accepted within Jan 1st - May 31st 2019 for start of studies in winterterm 2019/2020. MSNE does not offer a summer intake. [more]


TUM Campus Run - Team Neuruns

While celebrating the 150th anniversary of TUM, a group of 8 "Neuruns" started at  6th TUM Campus Run (May 2018).  MSNE Director Prof. Jakob Macke scored second in the TUM Professor Challenge on a 11km track, with a gap of 2 seconds (!) to winning the title....[more]


MSNE Guest Talk by Prof. Ryad B. Benosman

The first guest talk in the winter series and almost all freshmen attended. A group of 10  joined for a trip to a restaurant afterwards, an opportunity to continue discussions with Ryad B. Benosman, MSNE Program Director Gordon Cheng and other MSNE faculty members. [more]


MSNE Welcome Event (October 15th 2018)

A warm welcome to all new students! On October 15th 2018, the new batch of students (intake winter 18/19) arrived at TUM and met with MSNE assoicated faculty during a welcome event. The MSNE student representatives and program director Prof. Macke introduced 16 new students (6...[more]


Report about MSNE in TUM Campus Magazine (Issue 3/2018)

TUM Campus , a  print and online magazine issued by TUM (German language only), updates on campus life, university politics, teaching and research. Edition 3/2018 features an article on our MSNE program (page 30), including some interviews. [more]


CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop (Report)

A big milestone for the first batch of MSNE students - the Neuroengineering Symposium. Four senior MSNE students presented their research work perfomed in various research projects to the scientific comunity. About 60 researchers joined this event, conducted along with the TUM...[more]


MSNE Guest Talk by Prof. Rauschecker (Georgetown University)

On June 26th, Prof. Josef Rauschecker invited MSNE Students and Guests to a timelapse journey in evolution from nonhuman to human primates, focussing on the development and structures of human auditory system and the ability to speak. Additionally, MSNE Student Ann Kotkat...[more]


CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop

The next CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop takes place on April 19th 2018, starting 2 p.m. Venue is Vorhoelzer Forum (TUM).Members of CoC Neuroengineering, associated faculty and students of ENB Elite Master Programs in Neuroengineering (TUM) and Neuro-Cognitive...[more]


Dr. Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University) in MSNE Speaker Series

The third and last talk in the Winter Semester Speaker Series was focussing on brain-machine interfaces for restoration of movements and sensations.On February 6th, Dr. Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University) presented an impressive mixture of original work and detailed survey on last...[more]

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