CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop (Report)

A big milestone for the first batch of MSNE students - the Neuroengineering Symposium. Four senior MSNE students presented their research work perfomed in various research projects to the scientific comunity. About 60 researchers joined this event, conducted along with the TUM...[more]


MSNE Guest Talk by Prof. Rauschecker (Georgetown University)

On June 26th, Prof. Josef Rauschecker invited MSNE Students and Guests to a timelapse journey in evolution from nonhuman to human primates, focussing on the development and structures of human auditory system and the ability to speak. Additionally, MSNE Student Ann Kotkat...[more]


CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop

The next CoC Neuroengineering Networking Workshop takes place on April 19th 2018, starting 2 p.m. Venue is Vorhoelzer Forum (TUM).Members of CoC Neuroengineering, associated faculty and students of ENB Elite Master Programs in Neuroengineering (TUM) and Neuro-Cognitive...[more]


Dr. Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University) in MSNE Speaker Series

The third and last talk in the Winter Semester Speaker Series was focussing on brain-machine interfaces for restoration of movements and sensations.On February 6th, Dr. Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University) presented an impressive mixture of original work and detailed survey on last...[more]


Job Opening for Doctoral Project in Computer Science

The first MSNE students are going to finish soon, most of them plan to start a doctorate. TUM is offering a lot of career options, latest offer (Jan 24th 2018) is an opening for a doctoral project performed at TUM and in in collaboration with partners from the Georgetown...[more]


Prof. Tom Francart (KU Leuven) in MSNE Speaker Series

The second talk in the MSNE Speaker Series was focussing on the human auditory system. On Januray 15th, Prof. Tom Francart (KU Leuven) presented new aproaches to use EEG in response to running speech, focussing on applications in diagnostics and noise suppression. Munich peers...[more]


MSNE Speaker Series has started

The 2018 MSNE Speaker Series started with a presentation by Prof. Marc Spehr (RWTH Aachen) on January 10th. Although most MSNE students have already started preparing for the final exams, many of them decided to attend at this presentation on chemosensory mechanisms of...[more]


Apply now for the Winter 18/19 intake!

By Jan 1st 2018, the application period for WS18/19 intake has started! Applications will be accepted latest by May 31st. Non-EU Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply earlier (by end of March 2018) in order to preserve time for visa-related issues. [more]


Prepare your MSNE Winter 18/19 Application!

Dear prospective MSNE Applicants! We already received a lot of requests regarding the upcoming application period for the winter 18/19 intake. TUM has changed the application scheme recently by introducing a preliminary record examination, an external service offered by...[more]


Welcome new MSNE Students!

The MSNE program has started in its second year. On October 16th 2017, the new students attended at the official MSNE Welcome Event with a keynote by MSNE-Director Prof. Gordon Cheng, an introduction in the program and a joined lunch. In the evening, many attended at the TUM...[more]

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