Guest Talk Prof. Shih-Chii Liu

After a lab tour at the two hosting professorships (Professorship for Bio-inspired Information Processing &  Professorship for Audio Information Processing), Prof. Liu presented her latest reseach work and an impressive live demonstration of tools, well-visited by MSNE...[more]


Update: Application Process for Winter 2020/21 Intake

TUM has changed the application process towards an entirlye electronic process, using TUM Online Application system. There is no need to send hardcopies to TUM for the purpose of application anymore. VPD processes (-> applicable for non-EU Applicants) still require...[more]


MSNE Guest talk by Prof. Robert Riener

On Nov 7th 2019, MSNE program welcomed Prof. Robert Riener (ETH Zurich) for a guest talk, attracting more than 50 students, CyberTUM team members and researchers. This talk initiated the winter semester guest talk series (->series schedule).     [more]


Three MSNE-Student Papers accepted at CBS2019

Three papers accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems ( taking place in Munich from September 18-20: A prototype of a P300 based brain-robot interface to enable multi-modal interaction for patients with limited mobility....[more]


ENB Elite Cup Tournament 2019

Just a pricture from 2019 Neuruns Soccer Team attending at the ENB Elite Cup 2019 in Regensburg, a soccer tournament among Elite Network of Bavaria study programs. Our training schedule and strategy for 2020 edition is already set up... (just a message for all other...[more]


MSNE at Campus Run 2019

This year two "Neuruns"-teams build-up among MSNE students and faculty, one team for the 5.5 km challenge and another team competing on a 11 km track. The event was again well-organized by TUM Junge Akademie, so it was a great pleasure to go for one or two rounds (or...[more]


On Purposive Learning...

TUM recently published an interview with MSNE Program Director Prof. Gordon Cheng on purposive learning. The interview refers to an 2019 article in Science Robotics journal: G. Cheng, K. Ramirez-Amaro, M. Beetz, Y. Kuniyoshi: "Purposive Learning: Robot Reasoning about the...[more]


Excursion to Brainlab AG

On May 16 2019, a group of 16 MSNE students joined an invitation by Brainlab AG. The talks from R&D gave an excellent overview on challenges in neural image processing and neurosurgery toolchains. A guided tour in the company museum illustrated the development of devices and...[more]


Award for MSNE-Alumnus Steffen Schneider: Kurt-Fischer-Master-Preis

Picture by Maria Lautner (TUM)

On May 10th 2019, Steffen Schneider, first MSNE Alumnus, received the "Kurt-Fischer-Master-Preis" for his excellent Master's Thesis on "Domain Adaptation in Brains and Machines". Kurt Fischer-Master-Preis is an annual award by EIKON e.V. and endowed with...[more]


[Cybertum] Hackathon on May 27-29, 2019

The "Workshop on Intelligent Prosthetics and Brain-Computer Interfaces & Cybertum Hackathon" includes Hackathon-style student workshops on May 27-29, 2019. For agenda, speakers, workshops, poster session, registration, and more: Kindly see Cybertum 2020...[more]

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