Prof. Tom Francart (KU Leuven) in MSNE Speaker Series


The second talk in the MSNE Speaker Series was focussing on the human auditory system. On Januray 15th, Prof. Tom Francart (KU Leuven) presented new aproaches to use EEG in response to running speech, focussing on applications in diagnostics and noise suppression. Munich peers focussing on the auditory system, MSNE associated Faculty members and - again -  many MSNE students attended at this talk and contributed to vivid discussions.

Prof. Tom Francart perfectly managed to adapt at the variouse background levels and at the same time presenting his current research on cochlear implant and hearing aid algorithms. This mixture of lecture and conference presentation turend out to be a perfect tune for the audience. Scientific debating was continued outside classroom at a joined lunch along with researchers and students at a nearby restaurant.